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Liberty Walk releases rendering of its fighter jet-styled Lamborghini Huracan

Liberty Walk releases rendering of its fighter jet-styled Lamborghini Huracan #2

Japanese-based car tuning company Liberty Walk has released a rendering of its fighter jet-styled Lamborghini Huracan. First off, the car’s front has a huge air splitter. Then, there are the large fenders. For the flanks of the car there are also side skirts. There is, however, no fixed rear wing – which isn’t everybody’s cup…

Tough crowd but the Swiss tuner pulled it off: FAB Design’s McLaren P1

2014 FAB Design McLaren P1

When you set yourself the task of bettering a car like the McLaren P1, it must be pretty nerve wracking. Debuting this tuned hypercar at Geneva just ramps up that pressure. FAB Design has risen to the challenge and proven they are experts in their field and this new bodykit is testimony to this. From…

Murder on the Benz: S550 murdered-out by Brabus

Brabus Mercedes S550

The luxurious Mercedes S550 gets a sinister Brabus make-over. The S-Class has since turned from homely hound to all-Black Panther. The changes include a sleek looking carbon front lip, Brabus diffuser, custom S63 rear bumper, side skirts and custom interior. The Giovanna 22-inch matte black alloys also help give the S550 a beautiful yet aggressive…

Fostla custom wrap the Porsche 991 GT3

Fostla custom wrap the Porsche 991 GT3 7

When you own a car as beautiful as the 991 GT3 then stone chips and grazes are a gripe you could really do without! Fostla has a body wrap solution that will help keep your motor unblemished as well as giving the Porsche a bespoke look too! The contrast of white and green is a…