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Ferrari 288

Video: The Inside Biz Behind The Art of Detailing A Ferrari 288 GTO

Posted on 01.5.2013 18:00 by
Kirby Garlitos

Only the most hardened of auto enthusiasts understand the business of auto detailing. It’s a job that’s best left to those who clearly have an appreciation on the aesthetic side of a vehicle and those that don’t fully grasp that often disregard just how difficult and damaging this job is.

Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC always wanted to be one of the foremost experts in auto detailing. And to prove his position in the business, Kosilla shows us all the details of detailing and restoration. He even picked quite a car for this: a Ferrari 288 GTO.

Despite not having the benefits of proper lighting and the restrictions on space, Kosilla managed to take us through a quick crash course on the art of detailing and restoration. It’s the kind of job that only gets its proverbial shine when people notice how it’s done. By the sheer skill Kosilla displayed in not messing up such a delicate exotic, the man certainly earned his keep as one of the finest detailers we’ve seen in a while.

Video: The Inside Biz Behind The Art of Detailing A Ferrari 288 GTO originally appeared on on Saturday, 5 January 2013 18:00 EST.

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