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La Ferrari – Fastest Ferrari and it’s a hybrid

Ferrari unveiled it’s fastest flagship car in Geneva – and it’s a hybrid! The unexpectedly named Ferrari LaFerrari (previously known as the F70) was unveiled just yards away from its natural rival the McLaren P1 and the Lamborghini Veneno at the Geneva Motor Show this month and it’s surprising in more ways than one. Ferrari chose the 2013 Geneva MotorShow event to unveil its fastest ever road car, displacing last year’s Ferrari F12 Berlinetta from top of the pile and consigning it to second hand car sites like Car Sales now that there is a new boy in town – albeit limited to 499 happy customers. Even more ground-breaking is the fact that this is Ferrari’s first ever hybrid. Photos and video below!

Although faster than the F12 Berlinetta, LaFerrari is probably a more natural successor to the famous Enzo anniversary model. The new supercar boasts a top speed of more than 217mph and can reach 60mph in less than three seconds. Pretty awesome, it has to be said.

Another interesting fact to note about the LaFerrari is that, as the company notes, it is “the first ever car with hybrid technology to come out of Maranello”. The car features a 6262cc V12 engine that produces 800hp but also boasts an electric motor that chips in with a further 163hp for a total of more than 960hp. Impressively, this means that the car emits the same amount of CO2 as a Ferrari 458 Italia despite its far greater horsepower.

The electric system, HY-KERS, is even more advanced that the KERS system featured on Ferrari’s Formula One cars. The system allows energy produced under breaking to be stored in a battery to aid acceleration later on. Thankfully the technology hasn’t added any extra bulk to the car and the Italian maker says that the new system that it has been designed to allow it to be ported to future vehicles as well.

Ferrari was recently named the world’s most powerful brand – well the LaFerrari is now its most powerful car and is only going to build on that success. Even if it is a hybrid, we want one now.

But even being touted as the world’s most powerful brand, according to a survey conducted by British insurance company AXA Group, only 57% of Ferrari owners are actually enjoying their expensive sportscar experience behind the steering wheel.

[Source: Photo by Sellerie’Cimes]