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McLaren working on a “ground-breaking” 2+2 – report

 McLaren working on a ground-breaking 2+2 - report

McLaren 650S [17th Feb, 2014] [17th Feb, 2014] [17th Feb, 2014] [17th Feb, 2014] [17th Feb, 2014]

650S replacement could be introduced in 2017

New details are starting to emerge about McLaren’s future product lineup.

According to Automobile Magazine, the company is working on a variety of new models including a P15, a P16 and a “ground-breaking” 2+2 sports car.

Thing will kick off next year went the company launches the P13 coupe and the 650S GTS. A year later, we can expect the P13 Spider and the recently announced P1 GTR.

2017 will reportedly usher in the P16 coupe which is being billed as a replacement for the 650S. The model isn’t expected to be much faster than the 650S but it could feature a semi-active suspension, a torque vectoring system and an assortment of eco-friendly technology. 

In 2018, McLaren will reportedly follow up with a P16 Spider and a P13 GTS.

Even further down the road, we can expect a P13 facelift, a P16 GTS and a P15 in 2019. The latter model is rumored to be a high-performance supercar that is a mid-engine two seater with a carbon fiber monocoque. It could feature a hybridized powertrain but nothing is official as of yet.

Last but not least, the rumored 2+2 is due in 2020. Little is known about the model but sources have told the magazine it could be based on the P16 and have a front-mid-engine configuration.


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