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Mercedes highlights the curve control system on the S-Class Coupe

 Mercedes highlights the curve control system on the S-Class Coupe

Mercedes S-Class Coupe with curve tilting function

System will be offered on rear-wheel drive models

Mercedes has released some new details about their curve tilting function on the S-Class Coupe.

Designed to lean the vehicle into corners like a motorcyclist or skier, the system raises the “base points of the steel springs integrated into the ABC suspension struts” on one side of the vehicle and lowers them on the other side. This happens in fractions of a second and the degree of tilt is determined by the bend radius and the vehicle speed.

In order to anticipate bends, the system uses a stereo camera that monitors the road 15 meters (49 feet) ahead of the car. The model has also been equipped with an additional lateral acceleration sensor in the ABC suspension.

Interestingly, Mercedes says the system isn’t about higher cornering speeds but rather ensuring the S-Class Coupe “glides elegantly through bends.”

The system will be available on models equipped with rear-wheel drive and Magic Body Control.

Check out the press release for additional information



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