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2013 Ferrari California Unveiled

2013 Ferrari California images

Sources at Ferrari say that production of the 2013 Ferrari California has already began, with the vehicle boasting of a V-8 engine powertrain that is a 2 door 2 passenger convertible. The vehicle is however expected to be first showcased at the Geneva Motor Show prior to its sale, this according to the 2013 Ferrari. According to the Italian manufacturer, the new model of the Ferrari California is expected to be faster than its predecessor as a weight reduction of the vehicle has been made and a slight boost of power also instituted in the 2013 model of the vehicle.

The new Ferrari California is 66 pounds lighter than the predecessor. In achieving this weight reduction, light weight aluminum has been used in the build of the vehicle. In using light weight aluminum in the build of the vehicle, it is said by Ferrari that the structural integrity of the vehicle has not in any way been negatively affected as what they have done is to use cutting edge technology in the build of their vehicle.

Both the horsepower and the torque of the vehicle have seen a significant increase compared to the previous Ferrari California. With the outgoing model clocking in 454 horsepower and 357 lb/ ft, an increase of 25 and 15 in horsepower and torque respectively is seen. The new Ferrari California clocks In 490 hp with 372 lb/ft of torque. To achieve this, a 4.3 liter V8 engine is in place in the vehicle and this also gives an opportunity of increases of this in the future with redesigned manifold and new software for the engine computer of the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to clock in very high RPM’s and within a very short time. This is expected to have the new Ferrari to do a 0- 60 mph within 3.8 seconds.

Handling of the Ferrari California is also improved with the engineers of the new vehicle making use of magnetorheological dampeners that give a 50% higher response than in the outgoing model of the Ferrari and this is mainly due to a new software used in the vehicle. The vehicle also comes in stiffer springs and a faster power steering ratio that helps in the minimization of body Rolland also makes the vehicle more responsive to even the slightest of driver inputs.

Upon buying the vehicle, Ferrari is assuring customers of a free seven-year maintenance program. Though the model is already in production, the sale dates of the vehicle are still not yet known. The only details present are that the European market will receive the first deliveries, with the North American market being sold later on.

More Pictures of 2013 Ferrari California

2013 Ferrari California

2013 Ferrari California design

New Ferrari California


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