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Rolls-Royce is “seriously analyzing” a crossover – report

 Rolls-Royce is seriously analyzing a crossover - report

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

Would have to live up to the company’s standards

Bentley recently teased their new crossover so it comes as little surprise that Rolls-Royce has provided strong hints that they are considering a competitor.

In an interview with Top Gear, BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said “There are long-term independent studies that say half the world car market – 50 percent of everything – will be crossovers and SUVs. So it’s our responsibility to look into it.” He went on to say the company is “seriously analyzing” a crossover.

While the model is still being debated, Schwarzenbauer said “We have to know it would still be a true Rolls-Royce. If we’re not convinced it is, then I will not ask the board for permission to go forward with it.” However, he noted BMW and Porsche faced similar questions when considering the X5 and Cayenne. Both those models went into production and have been highly successful.



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