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Daimler and BYD’s Denza EV spotted on the streets ahead of next month’s official reveal

 Daimler and BYDs Denza EV spotted on the streets ahead of next months official reveal

Denza EV

Should have a 250 km range

The Denza EV production version has been caught on camera ahead of an official reveal set for next month’s Auto China in Beijing.

It was back in May 2012 when Daimler and BYD established a new brand called “Denza” specifically designed for the Chinese market. Now, the duo is just about ready to introduce the first production model based on a concept exhibited last year. The Denza EV looks quite interesting but not necessarily in a good way as it has a rather odd shape with a rear end which kind of reminds us of the classic Renault 16.

The Denza’s electric motor is allegedly rated at 117 bhp (87 kW) and should enable the vehicle to hit a limited top speed of 93 mph (150 km/h). Official specs are not available at this point but it is believed the Denza EV will have a range of around 155 miles (250 km). The electric vehicle will be offered with fast chargers which promise to significantly reduce the charging time necessary to fill up the battery pack.

Expect full details on April 20 during the press day of Auto China 2014 organized in Beijing.


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