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Porsche 911 prototype spied, could be the GTS Cabrio

 Porsche 911 prototype spied, could be the GTS Cabrio

Porsche 911 prototype (possible GTS) spy photo / Automedia

Should be launched later this year

A mysterious prototype of a Porsche 911 was spotted testing, indicating what could possibly be a GTS variant.

Porsche seems to be in the process of expanding the 911 range by working on a new derivative to slot between the 4S and Turbo in terms of power. The prototype seen here has a centrally-mounted dual exhaust setup with the tips being positioned at a considerable distance from one another, as opposed to the ones on the GT3 which aren’t separated. There also seem to be some revisions to the taillights since the prototype was wearing stickers to hide the new graphic.

In addition, the front bumper also appears to be different since it has some aerodynamic flaps, indicating we are dealing with a new derivative as it might be a bit too early for a facelift.

A possible reveal could occur in the second half of the year, with the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October being a suitable event for an official debut.


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