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Toyota was world’s largest carmaker in 2013, managed to sell 9.98M units

 Toyota was world's largest carmaker in 2013, managed to sell 9.98M units

2014 Toyota Corolla (U.S.-spec) 27.08.2013

GM came in second with 9.71M

Toyota has managed to maintain the world’s largest automaker title in 2013 after selling no less than 9.98 million cars.

In 2012 they regained the auto sales crown by selling 9.75 million cars while in 2013 they were able to increase the sales figure by two percent to 9.98 million units. GM’s sales rose by four percent but it still wasn’t enough as they delivered 9.71 million cars. They were followed by Volkswagen which gave a rounded figure of 9.7 million units, with detailed results to be provided until March 13.

Toyota originally estimated they would sell more than 10 million cars in 2013, thus becoming the first automaker to reach this milestone ever. For the calendar year 2014 Toyota is estimating they will be able to deliver 10.32 million cars.

It is important to mention that all of Toyota’s figures also include sales of Lexus and Scion models, as well as Daihatsu and Hino trucks.


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