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Chrysler patents improved Stow ‘n Go seats, could debut on the 2015 Town & Country

 Chrysler patents improved Stow n Go seats, could debut on the 2015 Town & Country

Chrysler Stow ‘n Go seat patent photo

Should allow for easier folding

Chrysler has been relatively quiet about the 2015 Town & Country / Dodge Grand Caravan but a recent patent filling suggests the models could feature improved Stow ‘n Go seats.

Looking instantly recognizable, the seats have a number of improvements that promise to make them easier to hide under the floor. The first change will enable owners to fold the rear seats down without having to move the front seats forward. Furthermore, the seat compartment cover is broken up into two separate doors which should allow for easy access to the under floor storage compartment when the seat is up.

A Chrysler spokesperson declined to comment on the patent but the filling says the improved seats could be used on crossovers and vans.


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