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Mercedes joins the smartwatch fray, teams up with Pebble

 Mercedes joins the smartwatch fray, teams up with Pebble

Mercedes & Pebble smartwatch 20.12.2013

Because smartphones are so last year

Mercedes and Pebble have forged a strategic partnership that paves the way for Mercedes to “develop innovative integrated applications” for the Pebble smartwatch.

Details are limited but Mercedes says the partnership will give them early access to the latest software and hardware created by Pebble. Mercedes sees this as increasingly important as intelligently connected vehicles offer a number of benefits to consumers.

As a result, Mercedes has updated their Digital DriveStyle app to enable it to communicate with Pebble smartwatches. The resulting system will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show but Mercedes says it will enable users to view important information – such as fuel level, door-lock status and vehicle location – by just glancing at their watch. The company also says the app could alert drivers to upcoming obstacles – such as accidents and road construction – by vibrating the watch while the owner is driving.


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