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New Toyota GT 86 Sports Coupe

2013 Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT86, without a shadow of doubt, is one of the most important cars of 2012. The car is still making headlines, so forgive us for talking so much about it. Toyota just released a bunch of new videos detailing the car’s technical stuff. We know the GT86 feels pretty awesome to drive, now let’s find out what exactly makes it so good. The 86 is one of those car whose mechanical bits are actually more beautiful than the way it looks!

The horizontally-opposed 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine in this car is one of the things contributing to its greatness. But it’s also one of its major flaws. You see, it’s very low-slung, which brings the center of gravity for the whole car down, making it better to drive. But it’s also weak at only 200 hp. Hopefully a more powerful version in near future would cure that.

More Pictures of Toyota GT 86

New Toyota GT 86

320-hp Toyota GT 86 by Gazoo

Toyota GT 86 design


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