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Running a red light on a motorcycle will be legal starting October in Nevada [video]

Dangerous ?

Nevada authorities will allow motorcyclists, mopeds, cyclists and tri-wheel riders to legally run a red light.

This decision was taken because traffic light sensors do not always detect motorcycles and many times riders have to wait until a car arrives in order to trip the sensor. As a consequence, motorcyclists can wait up to 3-4 minutes instead of the regular one-minute wait at the red light. This will change starting October 1 as riders will be able to run a red light as long as they have waited a minimum of two light cycles.

Although the Nevada police isn’t against this new law, they acknowledge it will be quite difficult to enforce the two red light-cycle law. In other words, it will be quite hard for the police officers to observe a violation and give a ticket. If the person in question will disagree with the penalty, he will have the possibility of taking the case to a court. The Nevada Highway Patrol admits it will be tricky to prove a motorist didn’t wait two light cycles before entering the intersection while on a red light.

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