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The Top 10 Highest MPG Cars On Sale Today

2012 Mitsubishi i – First Drive, U.S.-spec MiEV

If you’re in the market for a new car and your top priority is fuel efficiency, what do you buy?

With so much to choose from now including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and electric cars on the market as well as a range-extended electric vehicle and hybrids galore, the options are bewildering.

If MPG is your ultimate priority, we’ve drawn up a list of the top ten cars on sale in the U.S. today, ranked by average MPG and MPG equivalent (MPGe).

2012 Mitsubishi i – 112 MPG

Top of the list is Mitsubishi’s powered jellybean, the “i” electric car. The looks might not be to all tastes but with an average of 112 MPGe, it currently ranks top on the EPA’s leaderboard of fuel efficiency.

2011 Nissan Leaf – 99 MPG

The Mitsubishi i might be at the top but for many drivers, the Leaf will make more sense. It’s larger, more refined, better to drive and with an official range of 73 miles to the Mitsubishi’s 62, more usable on a day-to-day basis.

2012 Chevrolet Volt – 94 / 37 MPG

The Volt gets two ratings because it effectively has two separate modes of running. EPA gives an all-electric range of 35 miles (GM claims between 40-50 miles) and 94 MPGe, but once the gasoline generator kicks in range extends to 344 miles and MPG decreases to 37.

2011 Smart Fortwo electric drive – 87 MPG

The Fortwo electric drive is in limbo at the moment as we wait for the 2012 model unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, promising greater speed and greater range. The 2011 model has a range of 63 miles, and manages to drive better than the regular gasoline Smart.

2012 Toyota Prius – 50 MPG

A list of high-MPG vehicles wouldn’t be complete without the Prius and at 50 MPG combined it’s still one of the most efficient vehicles on the road. It’s also good to drive, seats 5 people and Toyota has a proven track record in hybrid technology, meaning reassuring reliability.


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