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Nissan 370Z successor confirmed as a preview concept for Tokyo Motor Show

 Nissan 370Z successor confirmed as a preview concept for Tokyo Motor Show

2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo 01.5.2013

Sub-370Z model possible

Nissan will preview the 370Z replacement at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show with a brand new concept.

This piece of information was disclosed by Nissan’s development boss Andy Palmer who also said the car will be “smaller and lighter” but without losing power compared to the 370Z. Chances are motivation will come from a smaller turbocharged engine, but we won’t be surprised if the concept will use an electric drivetrain.

The production version on the other hand will use a gasoline mill once it goes official in the next couple of years. An August 2012 report indicated the 370Z replacement is going to use a powerful four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine installed in a smaller and lighter car wrapped around in a more attractive body. Despite the downsized engine, the 370Z successor will allegedly have just about the same level of performance as the current V6-powered model.

Andy Palmer told Autocar during this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show that Nissan will later on launch a high-performance version developed by Nismo “to ensure it could compete in the market it’s already in.” He went on to say he already drove the car and it’s “enjoyable and energizing.”

Also at Tokyo Motor Show in November, Nissan might reveal a sub-370Z model which could turn out to be a production variant of the 2011 Esflow concept with either a gasoline-electric hybrid setup or an all-electric arrangement.


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