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2011 Dodge Charger R/T AWD Review

2011 Dodge Charger R/T AWD

It seems that as of late I’ve been behind the wheels of some pretty manly vehicles. From the Porsche Boxster S Black Edition to the Chevy Camaro 2SS Convertible, the cars gracing my driveway have been testosterone packed. There’s something about driving a vehicle that’s perceived as masculine that makes a car that much more appealing (in my opinion). To some, it might spell “intimidation.”

And in the case of the Dodge Charger, intimidation is the name of the game.
Just as Dodge has returned to its nostalgic American muscle roots with the Challenger (possibly one of the best reiterations of the original by all the American automakers), the big muscle-car is a return to the old and a reminder of where Dodge and Chrysler came from – the mean streets of USA. And so, the Dodge Charger was born of the same mindset, and during a time when things were less than stellar for Chrysler and Dodge.

Perhaps it’s that return to American muscle that makes the Dodge Charger so appealing to begin with. I’m not usually a fan of large, cumbersome sedans, but there’s something about the Charger that sets it apart and makes it eye-catching despite its large stance. And it’s that large, give-me-room-on-the-road stance that I like the most, I think.

See how aggressive that front nose is. Choppy, angular and downright mean, the Charger means business when you see it in your rearview. The headlights angle down as if in an intense, “you want some of this, punk?” look.

The simplistic Dodge front grille manages to add to the menace, kind of like the Charger is sneering with a few teeth missing. No wonder police departments across North America are choosing to adopt the Charger as their vehicle of choice. Talk about intimidating motorists when you’re chasing them down.

Muscular shoulders sit atop 19″ aluminum wheels (new for the 2011 model), and the raked-back shoulder line only adds to the illusion of strength and power (that’s not such an illusion, actually, but I’ll get to that in a moment) and carries through to the old-school retro rear that is, perhaps, the coolest-looking design element on the Dodge Charger.


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