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Ford unveils F-150 “The Crimefighter” at Comic-Con

 Ford unveils F-150 The Crimefighter at Comic-Con

2013 Ford F-150 The Crimefighter 19.07.2013

Available on order

Ford revealed this week at Comic-Con in San Diego the F-150 “The Crimefighter” as a tribute to the original Batmobile.

They joined forces with Galpin Auto Sports to create a special pickup truck for Batman in case he wants to do some home improvements and has to carry heavy and bulky materials. It was designed by Jared Barris who is the grandson of George Barris, a well-known car customizer.

The vehicle of choice was a 2012MY F-150 which has received the “Crimefighter” moniker. It was painted in Tuxedo Black with Ferrari Red accents and comes with fins on each side of the bed.

Galpin Auto Sports announced they are currently taking orders for this custom F-150. There’s no word about price but has to be significantly cheaper than the original 1966 Batmobile which was sold in January at a Barrett-Jackson auction for 4.62M USD.


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