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Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Posted on 02.25.2013 09:30 by

Back in August 2011, the first spy images of the new Land Rover Range Rover were revealed, so it would only make sense that Land Rover would also be preparing a renewed Range Rover Sport. These first mules caught testing by our spy photographers don’t reveal too much since they consist mostly of the features used in the current body, but they do show that the new Sport is in the works.

Just like the standard Range Rover, the Sport model will be all about the reduction of weight. For that, Land Rover is paying extra attention to the materials used to construct the vehicle. There are rumors stating that Landrover will be adopting a new platform from the RangeRover, quite possibly using a modified Jaguar XJ platform tweaked to maintain the Range Rover’s off-road performance.

Nothing has been said about the type of engine that will be used for the new Range Rover Sport, but Land Rover will probably just trick out the current 5.0 V8 to increase its output and reduce fuel consumption.

Expect to see the new Range Rover Sport at the end of 2012.

Update 02/25/2013: Land Rover is still keeping the new-generation Range Rover Sport a secret, but today we have created a rendering for you that may show you what to expect when they release it.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport originally appeared on on Monday, 25 February 2013 09:30 EST.

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