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Aston Martin Centenary Edition arrives in Geneva

 Aston Martin Centenary Edition arrives in Geneva

Aston Martin Centenary Edition Vanquish at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Limited to 100 units

The Aston Martin Centenary Edition has made its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Limited to 100 units, the car celebrates the brand’s 100th birthday and comes with a bespoke two-tone graduated paint scheme. The black hue of the roof starts to slowly fade on the hood and in the end it matches the color of the entire car. Another exterior highlight is the special badging made from solid silver.

The interior cabin brings premium Deep Soft black leather with silver thread embroidery, a styling which up until now was exclusive to the rare One-77. It also boasts individually-numbered solid sterling silver sill plaques.

Those who will buy the car will also receive a gift box with several Aston Martin accessories, such as a “silver polishing cloth” to keep those “silver centenary wings badges” nice and clean.


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