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Spyker releases B6 concept final teaser

 Spyker releases B6 concept final teaser

Spyker B6 concept teaser photo 04.03.2013

Debuts tomorrow

Spyker has published the last teaser photo with the B6 concept set for a public unveiling tomorrow in Geneva.

We have already seen the front of the car via a leaked photo and now Spyker is showing a portion of the B6 concept’s rear end. The car will be known as the B6 Venator and will be approximately the size of a Porsche Boxster.

Under the hood will get a mid-engine V6 generating 375 hp (280 kW) wrapped around in a carbon fiber body and aluminum chassis, with an estimated weight of less than 1,397 kg (3,080 lbs). CEO Victor Muller said the car will cost between 160,000 USD and 200,000 USD.

Check back tomorrow for the full story on the Spyker B6 concept.


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