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Ford hints at a Ranger replacement

 Ford hints at a Ranger replacement

2010 Ford Ranger (US-spec) 14.2.2013

Might not be body-on-frame

Ford hasn’t offered a compact pickup in the United States since the Ranger went out of production in 2011, but that doesn’t mean the company has given up on the segment.

Ford trucks marketing manager, Doug Scott, has revealed there is a demand for a “true compact truck” that balances “size, price, and fuel economy.”  In order to achieve the right mix, Scott says the model wouldn’t have to be a body-on-frame truck as “consumers really don’t care” as long as the vehicle is durable and can haul what they need.

Ford considered bringing the international version of the Ranger to the United States, but nixed those plans because the model would have too much overlap with the F-150.  This puts the automaker in a bind as developing an all-new model would cost more than a billion dollars which would be hard to recoup because the vehicle would be sold in limited numbers and have a low sticker price.

Despite the challenges Scott says “We’re still working on it.”


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