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Mitsubishi teases CA-MiEV and GR-HEV concepts for Geneva

 Mitsubishi teases CA-MiEV and GR-HEV concepts for Geneva

Mitsubishi GR-HEV concept teaser photo

Showcasing ‘next-generation advanced technologies’

Mitsubishi has released teaser photos for two new concepts which will be unveiled in Geneva.

The CA-MiEV is envisioned as a next-gen EV featuring high-energy density batteries and high-efficiency system. The car boasts a wireless charging system, regenerative braking and new motor and inverter. Together with the aerodynamic and lightweight body, the CA-MiEV is able to provide a maximum range of up to 300 km (186 miles).

As for the GR-HEV, this represents a concept for a sport utility truck (SUT) using a diesel-hybrid system. The engine is mounted at the front and sends power to a next-gen 4WD system featuring the Super Select 4WD found in the Pajero, as well as the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) built-in control systems for providing the best traction on all road conditions. Mitsubishi says the GR-HEV has CO2 emissions of less than 149 g/km.

More details will be revealed next month at the Geneva Motor Show.


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